This majestic conifer only grows at 1.400 meters above sea level (1.500-2.850m) in the heart of the Alps and thus has an incredible story to tell. It defies the top of the mountains ZIRBE Hail and snow storms, avalanches, lightning and thunder, freezing cold to -45 degrees and summer heat. So she gets along as "Queen of the Alps" designated. Because of these many different influences, it forms its famous essential oils and resins, which are incredibly fragrant and beneficial for us humans. It is also said to have numerous positive properties: better sleep, optimized and faster vegetative recovery, anti-inflammatory effects, better recovery by reducing the heart rate and grounding people and animals.
Despite its striking and characterful knotty appearance, it is the softest and most tender softwood with a velvety feel! So what could be more obvious than a symbiosis of Zirbencreate wood and yoga with ZIRBIT alpine yoga mats.

BY THE WAY: It only becomes local Zirbenwood is used, which is deliberately cut out or bent by wind. In addition, a is emerging Zirben - Reforestation project in cooperation between ZIRBIT and elementary schools and Tyrolean forestry, which is supported by every alpine yoga mat sold.